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Terri Rhode graduated in 1989 from the University of Georgia with a B.B.A. focussing on finance and risk management. During her time at university she was also a co-ed cheerleader for the NFL, Atlanta Falcons.

Terri’s service oriented career began in 1989 with international brokerage firm Sedgwick Noble Lowndes. During her first year, Terri received a service star award for modernising the office including developing a new reporting process to clients This was the first of several awards achieved including an international award for client service and for her contributions to charities.

Terri remained with Sedgwick for eight years, working her way up to vice president in employee benefits consulting. She also specialised in high technology companies and was the top sales person in the San Francisco office.

In 1995, Terri co-founded the Rhode School of Cuisine (RSC) with Michael Rhode. Terri’s own passion for cooking blended with Mike’s family interest in cuisine and RSC became the perfect endeavour to fill Michael’s villas for the off-season months.

The business began by Terri opening the US sales office in San Francisco and by working with Michael to create promotional materials, a website, translating and creating the cooking guide, designing the student’s weekly schedule and finding and training the local staff in France and Italy to run the school according to five-star standards.

During the height of activity, RSC employs close to 25 people. The business grew from just 30 students in its first season to 250 students in 1999, representing a phenomenal growth of over 800% in the four years. Because of RSC’s achievements, the operation has expanded to also include a location in Morocco, and Italy.

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